Train your brain and logic with this mix of optical illusions and logic games! If you want to increase your brain power and improve your critical thinking, solve different riddles regularly and you’ll see amazing progress soon! Solving riddles is a simple and fun way to enlarge your general knowledge and increase your IQ level. So, don’t waste time and get ready to start πŸ˜‰

00:14 – A tricky brain teaser to test your logic! Let’s see if you can solve this puzzle before the time is up πŸ˜‰
01:27 – A portion of short visual puzzles to test your attentiveness and logical thinking. Who do you think is a woman? Share your answer to the last puzzle in the comments!
02:56 – A portion of tricky riddles on logic to boost your brain speed and increase your IQ! How many of these can you answer correctly?
04:23 – Sherlock, it’s time to investigate the next case! The picture puzzle awaits your brain to spot the evidence and solve this detective riddle!
05:23 – Cool optical illusion for kids and adults! Every person who sees it falls in love with it! It’s just so tricky and cool! This riddle will simply blow your mind and make you realize that everything is just a matter of perception! 😁
07:21 – This is a mega cool personality test that looks like an RPG! You will have to think really hard to pass all the task. What can blow your mind away is that there are NO WRONG ANSWERS at all! Your choice will just show the way you think and make decisions. Are you ready to start the game right now?
11:17 – Alright, you need your logic! This crime riddle is for those whose brain works like a computer: inputs information, goes through the data and produces one perfect answer! If you can crack this picture puzzle, means your IQ is above average! Lucky you!
12:47 – Who is lying? This personality quiz will reveal your character and boost your brain at the same time! Don’t forget to share your answer in the comments!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last quiz and if you agree with its results!

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