Train Games for Kids

Train Games for Kids

Train games for kids are numerous out there. Children are always interested in huge locomotives, both in real life and in digital settings. We’ve searched for the best option and found 3 cool and kind adventures to try. They will hook small players, teenagers, and adults. Join the kart racing revolution with Smash Karts!

About the List

It was hard to choose only 3 options from an ocean of cool titles. Nevertheless, we wanted to keep it short and did our best to make it interesting. This is why you’ll see 2 browser-based versions and 1 for smartphones. Enjoy the list!

Train Games for Kids: Station


This toy is designed for very small children. It’s educational and tells about railway station chores. Little players will equip locomotives, fill in the coal, load luggage, and do other things. The visuals are well-styled, with nice characters and colors. There are no ads to disturb the gameplay! The adventure is available as an app and is free to download.

Canada: All Aboard

Canada All Aboard

Welcome to a rail journey through Canada! It’s a puzzle title to challenge one’s logic. You’ll get a grid, on which you’ll place tracks. The goal is to connect stations and launch a locomotive. However, you get only 3 pieces at a time. And they’re usually not what you need. Use what you have and make it to the target. Mind a timer and enjoy various Canadian settings!

Pixel Express

Pixel Express

Are you ready to become a railway manager? Control the movement of a cargo locomotive by changing the direction of tracks. Pick up boxes and bring them to the station. However, mind other trains as well. It’s vital to avoid a collision. You’ll need a mouse or touchpad to set things going. Tap on the tracks to change them or on the moving vehicle to speed up. The route will get more complicated with each new round.

More to Dive Into

These are our picks of the best train games for kids. If you’re open to a wider list, check out this video. It shows 10 cool adventures made in Roblox! They’re small but very interesting to dive into.