Here’s a compilation of the Best 5 Train Simulator games released This Year.

By the way, the first position are iOS gameplays recorded by me. Only the iOS version has shadows and good resolution. The Android one has many types, so both High End and Low End have to share a unified version which is lower quality than the iOS version.

Some of you may be wondering why the first position is quite long/ mentioned a lot. This is because it’s a paid game, therefore, it’s good to show what the game has, in case you want to get the game. Additionally, it shows how good it is, and why it is first spot.

Download Game Links:

Japanese Train Drive Simulator 2:



Trainz Simulator 3:

•Android (Shadows in Game Not Available for Android):

Train Ride Simulator:


Indian Railway Simulator:


Not Available

Train Simulator: Railroad Game:



Reasons for positions/ rankings:

5th Position)

Nice graphics and optimization. The vehicle models are decent as well. Other than that, it’s quite basic. The acceleration and deceleration is very sudden. There are hardly, if any, curved tracks. Acceleration and deceleration is majority of this game’s gameplay. Not that many features.

4th Position)

This is a decent game overall. The graphics and the vehicle models are decent. However, this is a paid game which means the standard needs to be higher. The bogie wheels do not turn/ rotate from the train wagons/carriages/ locomotives. Additionally, the gameplay is a little limited. This is why I think it gets this spot.

3rd Position)

Graphically, not the best. However, there is quite a few nice features like the opening doors, passengers entering and being able to see the interior. The sounds sound quite authentic. Additionally, the scenery and surroundings feel quite filled up, which is good. The user interface could be improved.

2nd Position)

This is a 2D game, however, this doesn’t stop it from being a simulator game. The physics feel quite good and realistic. There are lots of interactive details. The instructions in the tuturials are very clear, making everyone understand the many features. Graphically, it looks neat.

1st Position)

This game almost has it all. The vehicle details, the detailed interiors, good graphics, realistic sound and a large variety of vehicles. It has quite a few details not seen before in mobile train games. You can do a lot of driving, either in free mode or mission, which is not common. The tutorials are very clear. This beats the others by quite a lot. This is possibly the best train simulator game available for Mobile. A few minor problems include lack of rail point switch animation for most of the maps. Additionally, only the iOS version has shadows.