Welcome to the first episode of Games: Compared! Today I’ll be comparing the four major UK Train Games on Roblox! This video took a long time to make and I hope you can appreciate the time and effort put into it.

Info: The opinions expressed in this video are my personal ones and I won’t appreciate any comments just blatantly telling me I’m wrong. I have quite enjoyed making this video but I’m quite annoyed I’ve had to delay it and that it has released this late. I aim to try and release videos by 5pm GMT but sometimes that just can’t happen.

Stepford County Railway –
Mind The Gap –
Snow Hill Lines –
Grand Continental Railway –

Discord –

00:00 | Introduction
00:32 | Stepford County Railway
05:40 | Mind The Gap
09:46 | Snow Hill Lines
13:33 | Grand Continental Railways
17:38 | Finish

Jim Yosef – Eclipse/Moonlight/Imagine/Forces
Jim Yosef & Valentina Franco – Chasing Dreams
Jim Yosef & Alex Skindro – Ruby