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➔ Railroad Crossing is a first of its kind Simulation game where you cross as many cars as you are required to within the allotted time, without getting hit by the trains. It can be a bit addictive, if we can say so ourselves. To make things even better, there is the “Online Multi Player” Mode, where you can challenge other players or even your friends. And post the number of Wins on the leaderboard.Railroad Crossing is set across 4 visually stunning worlds consisting 28 levels in “Challenge Mode”. The worlds are designed to uniquely represent four places – Nebraska, Darjeeling, Chicago and Moscow. Also play the “Endless Mode” and try to record a new high score.
How to play:
1. Tap on a gate to open or close it.
2. Cross the denoted number of cars within the allotted time.
3. Do not get hit by the train.
★ First of its kind to support Online Realtime Multiplayer gameplay
★ Easy to learn; hard to master
★ Stunning worlds with incredible looking trains
★ 28 “Challenge” levels and 4 “Endless” levels
★ Original music by Krishna Shenoi