How To Train PROPERLY In Rocket League
This video covers how to most efficiently use the two training tools in Rocket League that are freeplay and custom training packs. These two tools are extremely useful for learning new mechanics, increasing the speed of your game, developing consistency, and so much more.

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When higher ranked players give advice to lower ranks in Rocket League, they’ll often say something like “just go into custom training” or “just go into freeplay”. These tips are not helpful at all. Anyone can enter freeplay or custom training in Rocket League by clicking a button but very few people use these tools correctly. In order to learn how to use them correctly, you need to have experience playing at a high level in Rocket League. However, you can’t have experience playing at a high level in Rocket League unless you actually rank up, which is what these training packs help you to do, but you can’t really rank up fast unless you use them properly which just leads back into itself. This video helps solve that issue. I have plenty of experience playing at grand champ level and beyond in Rocket League so I know how you’re supposed to use these tools in order for them to help you the most in actual online matches. If I had known these tips when I was ranking up through silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and even champion, I would have improved so much faster. Until I had reached around 2000 hours a while back, I was still pretty clueless as to how I was supposed to properly practice in Rocket League. This video is all the best tips for training put together in one video to help you be as efficient as possible when you’re grinding out those mechanics or just trying to improve you game speed. There aren’t any other high quality videos in Rocket League that specifically cover this topic of how to use these training tools. There are plenty of specific drills you can work on in freeplay like the wall bounce game or the mini pad drill, but for the freeplay part of this video I just covered how you should practice in freeplay if you don’t have anything particular in mind. Let me know if you would want to see a video covering freeplay drills in the future though. For custom training, there are so many inefficient ways to practice with it, it’s just unbelievable. For offensive training packs, there’s two main things that I see people do wrong with these. The first one is that people wait until the ball is either closer to them or closer to the ground before they hit it. The second I see people do wrong in training packs in Rocket League is jumping WAY too early to hit the ball at the correct angle. Lastly, I created a training pack that will help any player at any skill level to play faster. The thing about this pack is that it forces you to hit these shots in the correct way. There are two rules I require you to follow for it though. The first one is that your first touch on the ball needs to happen on or before that final beep of the count down. The second rule is that you need to go grab the mini pad that you’re lined up with before jumping for the ball. If you follow these two rules, you’ll notice your Rocket League skill for playing faster in online matches will increase tremendously because of this training pack.

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