Hiccup and Astrid find out their kids don’t have quite the same connection to dragons as they did…

Join in the festivities with all the Vikings in New Berk as they celebrate the holidays in this all-new CG animated 22-minute adventure coming to television this holiday.

Taking place just before the emotional epilogue from the last installment of the trilogy – and ten years after the end of How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World – “How To Train Your Dragon: Homecoming” opens with Hiccup and Toothless sharing stories of their special relationship with their respective families as they prepare for the Snoggletog Festival. When it becomes clear that the new generation of Vikings doesn’t remember the bond between dragon and human, Hiccup sets a plan to celebrate dragons with a grand holiday pageant. This heartwarming plan leads to a series of hilarious and exciting events – but no matter the circumstance, everyone in Berk – young and old alike – are reminded that dragons and humans are forever bonded.

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