Welcome everybody to Derail Valley! Derail Valley is a VR train simulation. Drive a train with your own hands, pick assignments and build your career in a vast railway network. Always remember to check your brake pressure – you don’t want to derail off a cliff, do you?

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Derail Valley is a train simulation made for VR. Pick assignments, drive trains and build your career in a vast railway network. Occasionally you might find yourself grabbing the controls in panic – the thought of running off the rails will run through your mind, and in all likeliness that’s exactly what will happen. Don’t worry though, the view from the cliff will be astonishing.

While still early in development by a three-people team, Derail Valley brings many advancements to both VR and train simulation games:
Unmatched immersion level
Push levers and press buttons with your own hands. Feel being inside a moving train, even when it derails. Step outside into the nature and watch other trains pass by. Derail Valley is designed right from the start for VR in terms of optimizations, controls and UI.
Realistic AND intuitive
Whether you’re new to trains or an engineer veteran, you’ll find that it’s fairly simple to set the massive vehicle in motion. Keeping it on the tracks and completing assignments however will challenge you.
Dynamic, engaging gameplay
Build a career as a train driver. Pick and complete procedural assignments, switch junctions, change locomotives, all in a seamless immersive experience. Make sure your train is safe and on the tracks! Earn money for that new locomotive you always wanted!
Vast railway network
A single 256 km² world filled with meadows, fields, forests, lakes, hills and mountains. Seamlessly traverse it via mainline railway occupied by other NPC trains, or take a peek in various branches and train yards. We’ll further expand it during Early Access!
Different train types
At your disposal are a diesel-electric shunter and a heavy freight steam engine, two entirely different machines. They are fictive, but simulate behavior of their real counterparts. Electric and passenger trains will be added during Early Access.
Advanced railway simulation
Get a feel for the railway and sense the bumps, joints and bends as wheels roll over them. Cherish the good condition of the mainline compared to the dark horrors of branch yards.
Derailment physics
As a train driver, you’ll find derailments to be your deepest fear. They are realistic, massive and dangerous, but also oddly spectacular and an amazing VR experience.

The world of rail transport is imperfect and in Derail Valley we want to let players experience that imperfection – be it through old rusty tracks, worn-out rolling stock set in a middle of nowhere, bunch of paperwork on your desk, or an empty wallet. At the same time it is a peaceful, coordinated and dynamic experience that gets increasingly rewarding with more skill.

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