Thanks to a reissue of a Japanese 2018 Plug & Play TV Game I’m finally playing the PS2 Train Simulator, ‘Densha de Go! Final’…fourteen years after this game first came out.
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Initially I wondered whether the hardware in this could power a ‘PS2 Classic’. However it’s been pointed out that it’s most likely running a custom version of the PC port of this game. Also it’s probably no longer the most polygon-capable plug & play console now that Sega’s Astro City Mini is out. That one can play Virtua Fighter. So forget I said anything. It was all a misunderstanding.

Here’s Densha de Go! Plug & Play on Amazon Japan

FULL TEARDOWN HERE – Showing all the chips :
(Thanks for the link Robert)

I) The recess in the top of the controller is to hold a train driver’s pocket watch (mimicking a real Japanese train).
II) The percentage shown when the train departs indicates how full the train is. (Thanks to Hale for that one)
III) Here’s the GameFAQs translation of the manual
IV) Everyone (and their mother) is well aware of the Google Translate app. Suggesting it as a way to translate things has now become almost as redundant as suggesting Google Search for searching. I use the Google Translate App regularly – but whilst it can be very useful, it doesn’t work too well with stylised text (as often used in games) – especially when that text is shown briefly and on the move…like in a game. However there’s a very useful English language translation of the manual linked above.
V) Buying from Amazon Japan. You need to set up an account – change the language at the top of the page so you can follow the process through. Mine cost a total of 18,782 yen (including all the taxes and postage costs) When I pre-ordered, the item itself was 13,455 yen. All in, I paid about £130 total. There were no extra costs to pay after ordering – it’s all up front.

00:00 Start
02:45 The controller
04:00 Power on
06:00 The game explained
11:10 Pros & Cons
14:08 Extras
15:42 Surprisingly decent 3D
16:57 Inside the case (SEE VID DESCRIPTION FOR MORE)
17:50 The Music CD
18:42 Wrap up

NOTE – The video description is the only place where extra information can be attached to a video after it has been uploaded. Youtube turned off annotations years ago. It’s always worth looking at a video description for updates and extra info. Video descriptions aren’t accessible on YouTube TV Apps – but are included whenever an interface allows comments.

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