Today we will look at 6 Creative Train games that allow you to create a map, add track, scenery, locos and then play with some trains (oops I mean create a authentic simulation with the map you just created). In the video we will look at each game one at a time first taking a quick look at a pre-made route and then we will make a very simple oval or end to end line whilst chatting about the games good and bad points. At the end we’ll take a look at a chart scoring the games on their good and bad points and I’ll explain why I’ve scored everything I have.

The video looks at the creative side of each game and not other aspects it may have.
Some questions we look at are:
How easy is it to lay track and add scenery?
How many free mods does it have?
Are the graphics any good?

Essentially all these games let you have a model railway/ railroad on your PC. But are they any good?

As the video is very long and you may only be interested in certain games I’ve divided it into chapters. Clicking the links below will take you to the relevant bit of the video.

00:00 – Intro
00:45 – Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019
10:18 – Train Simulator 2021
22:44 – EEP 16
35:02 – Loco
41:27 – Diesel Railcar Simulator
52:04 – Transport Fever 2
01:00:57 – Game Scores and Conclusion

At the end of the Diesel Railcar Simulator segment I show the in-built train editor and mention a video of a train being morphed into another. Here’s that video, it’s an interesting watch.

The prices in the video are correct at Jan 2021 and might be different when you watch the video. It should also be noted I received a free copy at launch of Transport Fever 2. This has not affected my views on the game.

I do hope you like the video and it is useful. If not why not say in the comments. Your views also maybe different to mine and if they are once again why not say in the comments, I will always try to respond.

I also have some written reviews on my website about these games.

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