City train looking for train drivers and Station train Managers.

This game is extremely well designed and constructed train simulator game in 2019. It has fantastic train driving modes, covering all the different scenarios a train driver comes across in his daily working life and this train simulator has extremely challenging train station manager mode, in which he has to handle all the peak hour train traffic in the busiest city of the world.

There are lots of camera angles available to you to assist you with your driving, make sure you follow all the rules and regulation to play this game smoothly. With the train station master level, plz pre plan your gameplay a little, as once the level starts, you may not have enough time to plan a strategy at that point of time. This mode is gonna be extremely challenging and heaps fun.


• City subway stunning 3d graphics

• Advance and smooth controls

• Realistic passengers and cargo transport scenarios

• Vast network of railway tracks around the city subway stations.

• Steam, Electric and Diesel realistic 3d train models