Its been a year (on the 30th) since I made this channel for shitposting on, and then I ended up putting a bunch of reviews on

I’ve seen a lot in my time, and gained a hate following, mostly those who own awful bus groups, or blindly follow those who own one. Shout hi Luke

For a year special, why not do what I usually do, but a one off on rail related games. So I whipped out movie maker, got a bunch of footage, nearly fell asleep for a few of the games, and edited the footage while I could.

Remember that this is my own personal opinion, and that what I see in a game will be completely different to what you may see, which may be entirely down to our own personal experiences with situational or dispositional factors. Thats whats great about human nature. Those who aren’t immature brats can take this, and have civil discussions about it, and thats what I love about peoples opinions. I love to find out where their viewpoints are, and what makes them think that, but obviously isnt the same when they can’t back their views up.

Some of you may enjoy some of the games I rated badly, hate some which I rated well, and so be it, and as long as you can justify you reasoning behind it with a valid response, thats cool, thats what makes a discussion interesting

I may at some point do a video on how to give/take criticism, and have discussions with people without having a fit because they said something you dont like. Perhaps that can be the next one

Games Reviewed:
apple rail
rails unlimited
4″8 railway
scottish borders