🔴 ROBLOX LIVE #136!! (Ft. Lolsiepops & Katie) [REQUEST – NO TRAIN GAMES]

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Rules for Live Chat!
1. No Swearing! It is a family-friendly channel. Words like Damn, Crap and bloody in any context is fine but not the others like S word, F word etc.
2. No Spamming (Raid are acceptable)! Using the same sentence, phases, words or letter several times in considered spam and mods will take action if abused!
3. No fighting with each other in chat – we are a friendly community and no fighting will occur over Live Chat. Bullying is also not allowed and mods will take action!
4. Any inappropriate usernames will be hidden automatically and inappropriate phases in chat will be put on timeout!
5. Banter is ok in chat but do not take it too far!
6. Sexism, Racism or any form of discrimination is not allowed and will be dealt with depending on how severe the comment was.
7. YouTube TOS rules apply here too!
8. Have fun!
9. Listen to all my moderators/staff and comply with these rules otherwise they will take action against you so if you don’t want to be put on time-out then comply with these rules!

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